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Layout Crazed

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CO OWNER// promo [17 Apr 2005|06:52pm]

PromoCollapse )
Layout please!

co-owner//post [22 Jan 2005|10:18pm]

Hey members! I'm your new co-admin for LayoutCrazed. I love to make layouts as much as Alexa does and I'm sure we'll make a great team! I sometimes take request - it depends on how you want your journal. So i.m me on Aim or Yim and we can talk there!

Aim: lauraxx01x
Yim: laura0bebe6

Or look at some of our layouts now and ask Alexa for one today. :D

Have a good one everybody.

(8) Layout please!

Leaving.. [01 Dec 2004|06:12pm]

Sorry but I'm leaving this. I'm not really into making layouts much anymore, and no one seems to want them anyways.
Goodluck, though.
(6) Layout please!

Members .. [16 Nov 2004|01:54pm]

I know we have 72 members as of now, and that's awesome .. but how many of you actually look at our layouts ?
(10) Layout please!

[25 Aug 2004|12:18pm]
Brittany is no longer in layoutcrazed.
(12) Layout please!

Alexa. [29 Jul 2004|08:05pm]

Alexa (jeweledprincess) won't be able to make layouts, or set any of hers up (unless I get the password & I can help you) for at least 3 weeks. She's grounded. :[
Anyways, if you want to be a designer, apply. But you have to know html codes and overrides yourself. We don't have time to teach you.
(17) Layout please!

Thanks Brittany! [28 Jul 2004|04:14pm]

Let's all give a big round of applause tolxbrokenxl, a.k.a. Brittany! :-D She is such a good sport! Not only did she make the promotion banner, but she made the community's layout as well! So thank you!</span>

(3) Layout please!

Welcome! [28 Jul 2004|03:24pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hello, everybody! Alexa here. This is my new community, for people who want or need good layouts for their LiveJournals. A select few, who are very skilled at making layouts, and happy to make them for others, will be making layouts when ever they can, and posting them on here. They will have a seperate journal for these layouts, like I do. My seperate journal is alexaslayouts, just in case you wanted to know. We will not be accepting requests, and only the layoutmakers are allowed to post, they will only be posting to either show a new layout they've made, or let us know something important. At this community, the designers put a lot of work and energy and take a lot of time out of their day to make a layout for you. So please, do not be a layout whore, as it's called, and request a new layout every few days. Take only ones you like a lot, and keep them for awhile. If you wish to join this community, feel free, there is no application. But if you want to be a designer, in a comment to this, please give a little information about yourself: Name, age, etc and give a sample of the work you do with layouts. The sample should be a link to a seperate journal, as I mentioned before. Designers, please make every entry friends-only, as members only should be able to get the layouts. If you find one you like, please comment to request it. The first one to comment will get the layout.
Well, that's it for now, so have a good time in this community! Also, this community is in severe need of a layout. If any designer could make a layout for this community, it would be greatly appreciated.

(4) Layout please!

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